Solutions in Feeding Your Betta Fish

Feeding the betta fish also pertains to some intricacy just like any other fish that is taken cared of inside a tank. It is important that owners understand the conditions in feeding the fish because this might actually mean not only the health of the pet fish, but also the health of the whole tank as well. If you also have other fish taken cared of, it is but normal that you are going to feed them, about 2-3 times a day, as it is already indicated in the bottle of their food. There are a few things still that should be considered. The amount and the frequency of the feeding should differ because of different conditions.

When you buy betta fish that are Adult Bettas, you should feed them only once a day, enough amount of food that they can eat in about 2 minutes. After they are already overeating which can be unhealthy already, or the food will then rot and be left on the bottom of the tank, degrading the condense of the tank. This must be around 3-6 pellets a day. It is also important for the owners to remember that they should also at least skip one day in a week in feeding the fish. It helps them flush their toxins out of their digestive systems. If they are a Betta fry, you can feed them then at least twice a day only. Some companies will always say that you should feed the fish more at 2-3 times a day, because they would want you to buy more products form them.

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